circle y 14.5 inch jatzlau j2 med horn treeless

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Designed with barrel racer Jackie Jatzlau. The treeless design keeps the rider in close contact with the horse and allows the horse unrestricted movement. Fleece lined neoprene skirts are flexible, molding to your horse’s shape and bending with your horse in the turns. This saddle will appeal to riders who like to able to get up out of their seat quicker and not feel constrained by the saddle. “When fractions of a second make the difference between winning and losing I need my saddle to help me shave off that precious time! My treeless saddle is very lightweight and fits so closely to my horse to help me, as a rider, feel every move my horse makes so I can help my horse make the best run possible. This saddle is a big part of my winning team!“ – Jackie Jatzlau


  • 4 inch laid back cantle.
  • Low profile swell.
  • Forward hung stirrup leathers.
  • Offset aluminum stirrups with rubber grips.