Our Top 10 Rodeo List

Posted by | 02.05.2019

With rodeo time of year in full swing, we've compiled a list of some must-have rodeo items, all available at D&D Texas Outfitters. How does our list compare with yours? 

Rodeo Must #1- Statement Leather Jewelry

The creator of the local Plume Jewelry said that all you need is a great pair of earrings and some lip gloss. I don't know if we can all get away with that, but a great pair of earrings will get you places. That's why this leather earrings brand made the top of our list. 

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Rodeo Must #2- Men's Boots

Whether you're a rodeo veteran or a newbie, you'll be doing a lot of walking. Checking out vendor booths filled with the latest western gear (check out our booth!!), seeing all the animals, riding some rides, getting stuffed on rodeo food, going to the concerts or watching some bull riding -- do opt for shoes & boots that fit your needs. You want to be stylish, but you also want to be comfortable.  

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Rodeo Must #3- Sparkly Jeans

Dresses are the ultimate in fancy attire, but not everyone feels good in a dress. What's the alternative for us Southern gals? Jeans with sparkles. They're the next best thing.

Miss Me Jeans   I   All Women's Jeans

Rodeo Must #4- Man Bling

We don't want to leave the men out on the sparkle. And one place they can do so is on their belt. Bring on the sparkles, gentlemen! 

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Rodeo Must #5- Unique Cardigan

It's no secret Texas weather is weird. That's why a great rodeo recommendation is to wear a cardigan or jacket you feel comfy walking around in. It may start out warm (or maybe freezing), but it will more than likely be cool at night (or maybe it'll be hot??).  

Ariat Trenton Cardigan   I   All Women's Cardigans   I   All Women's Jackets

Rodeo Must #6- Women's Booties

Booties have become a new boot staple, and there are so many cute ones! Getting a new pair? Make sure to wear them around for a bit before heading off to the rodeo.  

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Rodeo Must #7- Retro Tee

As the old saying goes, "What was old is now new again." Retro is hot right now, so grab a tee that feels like it's been lived in quite comfortably for a while now, and your favorite pair of jeans and rock it at the rodeo.

Men's Tees   I   Men's Jeans

Rodeo Must #8- Flare Jeans

Along with #7 above, flares have made a comeback. From a small flare to a mermaid (meaning you can't see your feet), pick your perfect pair and be amazing.

Women's Flare Jeans   I   All Women's Jeans

Rodeo Must #9- Felt Hat

It's nearing the end of appropriate felt hat wearing season, so we say go out in glory. We've got a ton to choose from, in varieties of styles and brands, and most are on sale! Not a hat wearing cowboy? Check out our caps! 

Men's Felt Hats   I   Men's Caps

Rodeo Must #10- Fine Western Wear

Last on our list is fine western wear. The rodeo is a time for gentlemen of all ages to dress their best, and have a great time with family and friends. For some it's a t-shirt, for others it's a crisp Wrangler snap. Whatever your style, D&D Texas Outfitters has the selection. 

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