Notice to Customers:
Due to restrictions set by the CDFA, Animal Health products cannot be shipped to addresses in the state of California (CA) at this time.
  • Martin's Control Solutions Permetherin Insecticide 10%
  • Ear Tag Removal Knife
  • Sterile Single-Use Syringe 20CC
  • Fighting Five Quart
  • 600 CC Cattle Drench Syringe
  • DuFlex Medium Ear Tags for Cattle
  • Weaver Leather Rope Clamp
  • Duramate Waterer Green Little Giant
  • 110 Volt Hot-Shot Wall Charger Adapter
  • New Z Cow Ear Tags 26-50
  • QuickBayt Fly Bait 350G
  • Colostrx Colostrum Supplement
  • Large Plastic Calf Weaner
  • 300 ML V Grip Drench Gun
  • After Birth Bolus
  • Ivermax Injectable 500ML
  • Castrating Bands
  • Large Aluminum Castrating Band Applicator
  • Metal Calf Weaner
  • OB Sleeves
  • Latex Gloves XL
  • Latex Gloves Large
  • Kick Start Clostrum Electrolytes
  • Dehorning Paste